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Friday, August 27, 2004

move out & in

i'm so excited! im gonna move out of the house & move in to my college friend's, pia's, house. well, actually, i'm quite exaggerating...not really move out...i'm just gonna rent her spare room since it's juz 20 minutes away from the office. during weekends, i still go home to fairview. the lipat is scheduled this saturday. my friends tonette & grazel are going to help me. i have a long checklist so as not to forget anything.

i'm looking forward to living independently...well...semi...pero i get to do my own laundry...cook my food...i even visited the kitchenomics website & copied some recipes! career ito!

another thing that excites me is the thought of resting for longer hours! imagine...i could reach home at 7pm & leave at 8am! gosh, eh kung sa fairview yun mga oras na yun nasa kalsada pa ako!

sana lang i don't feel homesick...i juz wanna prove something to myself lang naman e...that i can do it on my own & have the time of my life...juz like what dianne keaton mentioned in "something's gotta give"!

wish me luck!


At 1:08 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

Move in, move out? Sounds Exciting!


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