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Wednesday, September 22, 2004


wow! the baguio trip was cool! last time i went there was in 4th grade, so i was really suprised with all the changes there. 1st, it was soooo crowded already. a little traffic jam was also evident already.

we left victory liner in cubao at 2am. i slept the entire trip, i didn't even feel the stop overs! i was seated with tonette. we got to baguio at around 7am, unloaded (we stayed at a training center c/o ella & rhea), ate breakfast, took a bath & off we went. we were able to get a fierra service, throughout the day for 100/head.

1st stop was at bell church. not much, juz the temple. of course, cameras were always clicking wherever we went.

next was the grotto. i really prayed hard & asked for Mama Mary's help for me to overcome all me problems. i also prayed for my family & friends. after that we bought some pasalubong at the tiangge below the grotto.

then we went to the zig-zag view. well, literally we juz viewed the zig-ziag road. we rested for a while, took pictures & laughed our hearts out.

then we went to PMA. we originally wanted to have lunch there but we can't find a good place, so again, we juz took some pictures and went to...

camp john hay. there we ate at dencio's. then we bought ella her cake & we sang her a happy birthday song. before leaving john hay, it began to rain.

the rain stopped by the time we reached mine's view park. tonette, grazel, me & rhea had a picture with douglas, the st. bernard dog which was there for picture-taking purposes for P10. on the way up the view i mounted a pony for a picture. P10 again.

we then went, actually juz around, burnham park. then off to the palengke to buy pasalubong. the walk was looooong from where we were parked & it was raining! then we had to walk the same distance back to our fierra...

when we got home, everyone hit the sack! alma & i bought something & eventually had a looooooong talk, which was full of mixed emotions. but juz the same, it was relieving & nice.

we were supposed to have dinner at SM, but everyone got really tired, so it was juz me, tonette & grazel. aliw ang SM! there was no air con (for obvious reasons!) & every floor has a foyer & the view was amazing! haaaayyy...

the next day, rhea woke us up at 9am & we left by 11. grazel was able to get a van bound to manila for P500/head, with all the stop overs we want.

1st stop over was in manaoag. we just paid respect to Mama Mary, bought some religious article, had it blessed & off we went.

we had lunch -4pm- at mcdo in urdaneta. then off to manila already. we arrived the the victory liner in cubao at 9pm.

beso-beso & everyone went their separate ways.

back to manila...

back to work...

back to reality...


At 7:45 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

You seemed to have a nice time there. Pero feeling ko bitin. It is nice to play like a kid sometimes. Like biking at Burnham, and rowing the boats. Playing mini-golf in John Hay and rolling down the grass hills.

At 5:31 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Baguio pa din? Walang bagong posting?

At 7:41 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

I hope and pray your Mom is doing fine. Ingat.


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