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Monday, November 08, 2004


grabeh...this has been the worst month ever! my mom was hospitalized last oct 12 up to 24. 1st, she was operated due to fractured shoulder. then complications & old illnesses have popped up, like arthritis & gout & the side effects of 1 of her medicines. thank God an aunt of mine was able to buy a medicine for her that's available only in the US. i juz pray she's not allergic to that, unlike its counterpart her in the phils.

so now, i've been taking a leave 2x a week. my aunt & i go on alternates to take care of mom at home. everything's fine but she still can't move. just minutes of sitting up while eating) tires her already. she can't eat alone. but other than those 2 she's fine.

what's kinda toxic is the changing of diapers. i don't mind it but sometimes, in the middle of the night, my dad wakes me up (or my aunt) coz the diaper needs to be changed.

i'm now staying in fairview. i miss staying in pasig, pero ok lang. i might be able to go back there next year na, or maybe middle of december. i juz have to make sure everything's stable at home.


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